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Document Management Systems & Software

What if any document you needed was no more than a keystroke away? What if you could automate critical business processes to improve productivity? What if sharing content was much easier and helped team projects run much more efficiently?

All this and more is a reality with an integrated document management system. The primary function of Document Management is to provide structure to the way you file, store, retrieve and secure all of your critical documents. Within the system, authorized users can quickly access the documents and information they need. To make this possible, documents are filed in a logical way similar to the way physical files are organized. Document Management systems are usually thought of systems used to store and retrieve images of paper documents that have been imported from a dedicated document scanner. Most Document Management systems have the ability to accept and manage allĀ of the different types of content that a typical office worker interacts with daily. This includes all types of digital files and print output.

For over 40 years we have been implementing class-leading document management and records management solutions to help companies recognize their paperless initiatives, reduce their environmental impact and improve customer service. We recognize that one size can’t fit all, that’s why we offer both cloud-based and on-site systems to meet virtually any need and budget. Simply put, we provide Peace Of Mind, Not Pieces Of Paper. Learn more about our different document management solutions below or contact us today for more information.

How to Build a Business Case for a Digital Document Management System


FileBound FileBound Document Management Software
A secure cloud based document management solution for organizations of all sizes. Get the advantages of a robust solution with reduced up-front.

File director FileDirector Document Management Software
A flexible enterprise wide document management system that helps streamline business process and allow the virtual filing of paper/electronic documents.

PSIGEN_Logo PSI:Capture Data Capture Software
PSI:Capture eliminates the time, money and errors associated with the manual data entry of standard business documents such as invoices.

C3_logo C3 Cloud-Based File Share
C3 is the leading, Canadian based, cloud based file sharing solutions that provides anytime access to the documents you need.

scanfile logo ScanFile Document Management Software
ScanFile is an intuitive-to-use solution for SMEs, with a range of functions that can adapt seamlessly to your changing requirements.


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