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FileBound Document Management Software

FileBound's Document Viewer

FileBound’s Document Viewer

What is FileBound?
FileBound is a full feature document management software solution. It allows for the capture, storage, management and automation of common (and not so common) business documents.

Is FileBound Right for Me?
FileBound is a┬áscalable software solution that can be deployed for small businesses, departmental usage or enterprise-wide document management. FileBound can manage scanned images, electronic documents (spreadsheets, PDF’s, etc.), e-forms and it can even track physical files.

FileBound’s Office Automation helps companies automate manual workflows such as: AP invoice approval, employee on-boarding, expense reports and much more. FileBound integrates with many common business applications to tie all your information together for complete transparency.

FileBound for Account/Finance FileBound for Auto Dealerships
FileBound for Healthcare FileBound for Home Services
FileBound for Human Resources FileBound for Insurance Brokers

How Is FileBound Deployed?
FileBound document management software is available in both an On-Premise and Cloud (On-Demand/SaaS) model.

Key Features

  • FileBound’s full-feature, web-based, user interface means you don’t need to spend time installing and updating software on users’ workstations
  • Mobile support allows your workforce to access the documents anywhere, anytime, from any device.
  • Truly move towards a paperless office with easy to design, easy to use, e-forms.
  • Manage virtually any file type/format.
  • Easily integrate with Microsoft Office applications, SharePoint solutions and more.
  • Scan from virtually any device (document scanners, multi-function scanners)


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