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Document Management… it’s not just scan, store, retrieve


It doesn’t take millions of dollars for peace of mind. What it takes is seeing the need for change, a small amount of space and a network cable. Take our quick yes or no quiz.  Have you ever…

  • Assumed only million dollar corporations can afford to have a document management system?
  • Sighed over that lost office space you’ve given up to that huge pile of papers to be filed?
  • Felt embarrassed by the piles of paperwork your clients see when they walk through your door?
  • Imagined how easy it would be if you were able to retrieve information in a matter of seconds?
  • Wanted your employees to be more productive, not spending time searching for paper?
  • Wondered how to decrease your risk of lost documents and liability?
  • Thought about being prepared for disaster recovery?
  • Needed a solution for improving your workflow and automating processes?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, we’re here to tell you that FileBound can do all of that for you and more. Yes, really. All in an easy-to-install, and completely user-friendly environment.

Let us debunk the myths of document management for you, and your question will change from “why should we do this?” to “why aren’t we doing this?”

Already convinced?  Click here now to schedule a free demo or if you need more information, check out the industry specific details below!

Keep accurate track of invoices and purchase orders. Payfaster and get paid faster!

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Auto Dealerships
Instant access to customer deal jackets and more. Less time searching, more time selling!

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Human Resources
Faster onboarding of employees and easier access to records, policies and procedures!

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Insurance Brokers
Quick retrieval and archiving of client files, policies and benefits. No more messy files!

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Home Services
Better tracking of work orders, parts and labour. Scheduling
and work accountability!

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Say goodbye to the piles of charts!  Faster look up, quicker billing, more time for patients!

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