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MES Hybrid Document Systems offers a comprehensive range of document scanning services. We can convert your documents to digital file formats that can be electronically stored, retrieved, tracked and managed from any computer or mobile device.

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“Having MESHDS scan our documents not only saves us space, but makes it easier for us to find old papers when they need to be referenced.”
Emily Chung, Owner, AutoNiche

4 Common Questions About Document Scanning

Why scan your paper files?

There are several reasons organizations chose to scan their paper documents. While there is usually one key motivating factor, many of the reasons below often help justify a document scanning project. 


Reclaim Your Office Space

Tired of file rooms, boxes and cabinets monopolizing your office space?

There’s really only one type of business that generates revenue from documents sitting around on shelves or in file boxes: document storage companies. Office space is at a premium and areas dedicated to the storage of paper files are areas you can’t place productive employees. Document scanning eliminates the need to store your paper documents in prime office space and allows you to focus on your core business.

Mitigate Risk

How confident are you in your ability to recover from information loss?

Organizations place such high value on their paper files because of one simple fact; it’s their only copy of that record and they’d be lost without it. You cannot control when floods, fires or even something as simple as spilled cup of coffee happen. Document scanning provides organizations with a back-up to their paper files to help protect them in the event of a disaster or a clumsy employee.

Corporate Security

How are you protecting personal and private information?

Privacy concerns are front and centre with almost every organizations these days. Yet very few organizations have a comprehensive program in place to secure their paper files. You may safe guard them from outside access but what about accidental or malicious misuse from internal staff? Document scanning allows you to quickly apply rule-based security to your electronic images, ensuring only authorized individuals have access to your business critical documents.

Improve Collaboration

Are your employees able to work together in real time?

Complex projects require a team based approach to ensure success. The problem though is that paper documents are not easy to share among groups of people in a collaborative environment. A single physical record requires photocopying to be shared among teams (read: time, money and a waste of resources). Document scanning allows all team members to instantly access the digital image and collaborate in real time.

Mobile Freedom

Do paper records have your team handcuffed to their desks?

More and more offices are allowing staff to work from home or employ a mobile workforce. The trouble with out of office employees is that they still need access to the paper files back at the office. Document scanning allows your staff to quickly and securely access files from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Information Is Power

Can you access the power of your documents?

Your paper files aren’t important, but the information on them sure is! Being able to access that information quickly, easily and in a way that is conducive to your way of working is critical. The smarter you are with your information the more successful you’ll be.

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How does the process work?

From start to finish we work together to ensure your scanning project is a well thought out success. 


Why do companies choose us?

Having the right information available at the right time is the key to success.
We bring the power of your information to your fingertips. 


Over 1 Billion Images

Since 1971, MES Hybrid Document Systems has converted over one billion images. Today, our production facility scans over ten million images per month. That’s a lot of images, a lot of experience and a lot of satisfied customers.

From Start to Finish

Our experienced staff takes the hassle out of document scanning by managing every aspect of your project. Services we provide include: Project planning, project management, secure transportation, document preparation, document scanning, file indexing and OCR’ing, image quality control and document shredding.

Peace of Mind

Our document scanning services are guided by two very necessary hallmarks: security and process. We employ a strict “chain of custody” process at our federally certified Controlled Goods conversion facility, located in Markham, ON. This process tracks all client files throughout the process for the purposes of auditing and emergency retrievals.

Any Document

We’ve seen it all! From round paper to a document almost 400 feet long, our team and equipment can handle your document scanning projects. Some of our biggest projects included clients in manufacturing, financial services, medical records and many other industries and departments.
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When experience matters

  • In business for over four decades
  • Over 12 million images scanned per month
  • We encourage comparisons
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  • Trusted by companies that know
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