“We will save badly needed storage space”

Joan Beckley, Archivist, Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Council

Improving your bottom line

Accounts receivable document management focuses on improving your business’ bottom line and allowing your staff to spend time on customers and account care, as opposed to looking for documents. Improved accounts receivable management with our accounts receivable software includes auto matching, electronic invoicing and exceptions routing.

Are You Ready To Go Paperless?

What challenges is your accounts receivable department facing?

Does your business currently face the following accounts receivable processing challenges?

  • Long resolutions to order disputes
  • Lack of office/storage space
  • Inability to produce documentation/reports in a timely fashion for audits
  • Long customer reply times

If so, we’re here to help. We provide Accounts Receivable processing solutions that help businesses:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce payment cycle time
  • Eliminate the office space and resources used to manage paper-based systems
  • Access documents remotely for out-of-office employees and clients
  • Consolidate client documentation and history in one central repository
  • Quickly resolve disputes by allowing for quicker document access
  • Improve customer service

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Why do companies choose us?

Having the right information available at the right time is the key to success. We bring the power of your information to your fingertips.

Over 1 Billion Images

Since 1971, MES Hybrid Document Systems has converted over one billion images. Today, our production facility scans over ten million images per month. That’s a lot of images, a lot of experience and a lot of satisfied customers.

From Start to Finish

Our experienced staff takes the hassle out of document scanning by managing every aspect of your project. Services we provide include: Project planning, project management, secure transportation, document preparation, document scanning, file indexing and OCR’ing, image quality control and document shredding.

Peace of Mind

Our document scanning services are guided by two very necessary hallmarks: security and process. We employ a strict “chain of custody” process at our federally certified Controlled Goods conversion facility, located in Markham, ON. This process tracks all client files throughout the process for the purposes of auditing and emergency retrievals.

Any Document

We’ve seen it all! From round paper to a document almost 400 feet long, our team and equipment can handle your document scanning projects. Some of our biggest projects included clients in manufacturing, financial services, medical records and many other industries and departments.

Experience Matters

We've been in business for over four decades. 

  • +12M images scanned per month 
  • We offer secure conversion facilities
  • We are trusted by companies that you know
  • We encourage you to compare us to competitors