Document Management Software Benefits

What’s the benefit to using document management software for manufacturing businesses? By automating processes and eliminating paper within your process you can accomplish more work in less time. This improved productivity can have a major impact on your company’s performance, especially given the numerous internal departments operating within a manufacturing environment.

Are You Ready To Go Paperless?

Are you struggling to manage complex workflows?

All departments manage complex workflows that are often accompanied with real challenges:

  • All manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to reduce manufacturing costs.
    However, companies may not realize the huge cost and time economies a document management system can deliver.
  • Just like cost reduction goals, manufacturing companies must continually look for ways to gain competitive advantages and improve time-to-market.
  • Departments tend to be very “self-contained” making it difficult to locate data across multiple systems and departments.
  • Data comes in multiple formats and can be difficult to manage (e.g. electronic orders, paper files, office documents, electronic documents, CAD and large format documents).
  • Slow and manual paper-based processes for sharing, reviewing and approving documents and drawings dominate workflows.

We can help you with your unique business challenges.

If any of these challenges sound familiar, we’re here to help! We provide document management solutions to help manufacturing firms overcome these challenges help your company:

  • Reduce labour costs for filing, retrieving, routing, copying, faxing and printing documents
  • Reduce onsite and offsite storage costs
  • Support lean manufacturing initiatives
  • Improve order fulfillment
  • Integrate and leverage existing business systems (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Increase customer satisfaction with instant access to all order documentation and information
  • Provides compliance and regulatory assistance

Document management turns paper processes into finely-tuned information systems. Our solutions centralize your internal documents, improve information integrity and enhance the way employees work. These benefits dramatically affect your customer relationships, financial management and overall company performance.

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Document solutions for manufacturers

Having the right information available at the right time is the key to success. We bring the power of your information to your fingertips.

Document scanning services

We digitize over 10 million images each month to help our clients find the information they need quickly and easily. Our document scanning services allow you to digitize your active and passive files without the need to invest in specialized hardware, software and training.

Document management software

Document management software gives you the flexibility to manage all corporate information securely and offer company-wide access in a single system. Once your files are electronic you’ll also be able to speed up and better track business processes with electronic document workflows. The best part is our systems are user-friendly and can scale with your growth.

Scanning Hardware

Want to keep everything in house? No problem at all! We can recommend, supply, training and support the scanning hardware and software you need to efficiently capture all your paper documents. Whether you need to scan vendor invoices or large format project drawings we’ve got you covered.

Why do companies choose us?

Having the right information available at the right time is the key to success. We bring the power of your information to your fingertips.

Over 1 Billion Images

Since 1971, MES Hybrid Document Systems has converted over one billion images. Today, our production facility scans over ten million images per month. That’s a lot of images, a lot of experience and a lot of satisfied customers.

From Start to Finish

Our experienced staff takes the hassle out of document scanning by managing every aspect of your project. Services we provide include: Project planning, project management, secure transportation, document preparation, document scanning, file indexing and OCR’ing, image quality control and document shredding.

Peace of Mind

Our document scanning services are guided by two very necessary hallmarks: security and process. We employ a strict “chain of custody” process at our federally certified Controlled Goods conversion facility, located in Markham, ON. This process tracks all client files throughout the process for the purposes of auditing and emergency retrievals.

Any Document

We’ve seen it all! From round paper to a document almost 400 feet long, our team and equipment can handle your document scanning projects. Some of our biggest projects included clients in manufacturing, financial services, medical records and many other industries and departments.

Experience Matters

We've been in business for over four decades. 

  • +12M images scanned per month 
  • We offer secure conversion facilities
  • We are trusted by companies that you know
  • We encourage you to compare us to competitors