Document solutions customized to fit your business needs

MES Hybrid Document systems specialize in document scanning that will make it simple for you to store, organize, update, track, and retrieve the important documents you need. With a full range of scanning services, we can help you streamline your business operation and enhance your reputation in the industry.


Why a True Cloud Solution Will Improve Your Productivity.

“Searching and working with documents is much easier so the overall process has been sped up for our staff.”

Sasha P, Apollo Health & Beauty Care

Industry Solutions

As a leader in document management solutions since 1971, we have experience working with clients from a wide range of industries.

Child-Protective Services

We’ve helped businesses in the social work field convert case files to digital images in preparation for CPIN. This means that our clients can focus on important casework and the critical needs of their own clients while we focus on implementing a document management system that makes it easier to access and secure important documents.

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Our clients in the education sector are often concerned with gaining control and accountability over their facility records as well as managing student records. We provide services in document management, scanning, and micrographic solutions that address these important concerns while automating the collection of information, managing document access, and complying with document retention requirements.

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Library and Archives

We’ve worked with libraries and archives to preserve historic information and improve accessibility. We specialize in scanning microfilm and microfiche files that are at risk of deterioration or damage that would result in information loss. Our scanning solutions provide critical backups and digital files that will preserve historic records.

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At our core, we’re about helping businesses streamline their daily operations by reducing waste and improving productivity and efficiency. We’ve partnered with manufacturing companies for this very reason. We’ve converted millions of paper documents into digital files, integrated management systems for easy document storage and retrieval, and automated time-consuming business tasks to improve accuracy and response times.

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Member Services

Organizations that provide member services are often the most dependent on the paper trail, which means they are also more likely to experience the clutter and chaos that paper files can create. We’ve worked with regulatory associations as well as union and benefits providers to help streamline the way they collect, store, and share information. By enhancing document access, sharing, and security, you’ll be able to focus more on member services and satisfaction.

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Municipal Government

Government organizations are structured around meeting minutes, bylaws, agendas, planning documents, blueprints, and a host of other documents, which is why they often partner with us to organize their system, improve communication, and reduce waste. We’ve completed several specialty projects in this sector, including historical blueprints, bound minutes books, and poor-quality documents, to name a few.

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Pension Funds

We’ve worked with companies like the Ontario Pension Board, National Hockey League Pension Society, and the Toronto Transit Commission Pension Department to help convert from a paper-based system to a digital system that is easy to use while enhancing communication, reliability, and efficiency.

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The healthcare organizations that we work with are often most concerned with information privacy and document security. We’ve worked with organizations like the Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital to provide confidential scanning of their most sensitive files and to create a document management system that is secure while also being easy to access by authorized personnel.

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Departmental Solutions

From recruiting to procurement, businesses using records management software in tandem with their administrative and finance software systems are able to process more work with less resources. Our records management solutions place documents at your staff’s fingertips.

Accounts Payable

We provide accounts payable processing solutions that capture and store important documents, allowing for easy access directly from an accounting information system or ERP.

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Accounts Recievable

Our document management software seamlessly integrates with AR software, providing clients with a better understanding of their debt-to-income ratio as well as overall cash flow.

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Customer Service

Because our software allows for easy access to the most recent version of a document, customer service representatives are able to resolve issues quickly and maintain customer satisfaction.

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Human Resources

Our HR software reduces paperwork related to employee onboarding and benefits. It also makes it easier to access, update, and distribute important information. Improve business processes, employee recruitment and retention.

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Why do companies choose us?

We provide a seamless transition to an upgraded document management system that will help businesses streamline their workflow and create synergy.


Since 1971, MES Hybrid Document Systems has worked with hundreds of clients and digitized more than one billion images. Our expertise in document conversion, organizational systems, office automation, and regulatory compliance has made the daily operations of our clients significantly easier and more successful.

Comprehensive Support

Our team provides expertise and support throughout the entire process of designing and implementing a document management system that is right for you. This takes out the guesswork and the stress that comes with any type of change. We’re here to ensure a seamless transition to an upgraded system that will improve the way you do business.

Peace of Mind

As we work with clients to integrate systems that will revolutionize their operation, we keep two key tenets in mind: security and process. We follow a strict “chain of custody” process as documents are converted to a digital format at our federally certified facility in Markham, ON. This process carefully monitors client files throughout the entire conversion process so that files can be audited or quickly retrieved.


In our 40 years of experience, we’ve converted all types of documents, from round paper to a document that was almost 400 feet long. We’ve seen it all, and we can handle any document scanning project. We work with clients from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, medical records, and many others.

When Experience Matters

  • In business since 1971
  • Experience with a number of clients in various industries
  • Track record of more than 12 million images scanned each month
  • Secure conversion facilities
  • A reputation of excellence in quality software and customer service