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Update your process

If your daily business operations are slow and clunky or you find yourself following the same patterns you’ve had for the last ten years, your system is probably outdated. We can help you with document management and office automation that will streamline your process, enhance communication and accuracy, and create a more efficient and enjoyable work environment. 

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Become a top competitor

Keeping up with customer demand while also providing quality service can be a difficult balance. The more that you can enhance your business processes with electronic document management and office automation, the less time and money you have to spend on accessing important data, organizing information, and correcting human error. More importantly, customer care and satisfaction will soar, and you’ll be the business others strive to compete with.

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Organize your office space

It’s easy to let folders and filing cabinets take over precious space in your office, leaving the area feeling cluttered and disorganized. Our document scanning services can solve this problem, improving document organization, security, and retrieval. It will also improve the look and feel of your office space and send a message of competence to your important clients. 

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Easily adjust to the latest rules

Ever-changing rules, regulations, and best practices handed down from government entities and industry leaders can create time-consuming and expensive obstacles to your daily operations. We can help you meet these requirements and adjust your daily operations with minimal interruption.

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Prevent problems before they arise

When sensitive information is jeopardized, the legal, financial, and social consequences can be devastating. This is especially true for businesses in the healthcare, social work, legal, financial, or human resources industry. Creating secure, digital files and learning to manage files appropriately significantly reduces these risks.

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Try something new

If you’re still using a DOS application because it’s what you’re comfortable with, it’s time for a change. Many companies outgrow their current document management system and need help finding new and improved systems tailored to their specific needs. We can help you transition to something new and experience the type of results that leave you wondering why you waited so long to make a change.

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Document scanning services & document management solutions make it easier to run your business



Document Scanning Services

Transform your office. Our document scanning services will reduce clutter and organize information in an easy-to-use digital format.

  • Quick to implement
  • Secure from unauthorized access
  • Flexible for any type of document
  • Minimal business disruption

Scan to Zero

Get rid of the unnecessary expense, clutter, and business delays from storing your documents off-site. Our Scan to Zero service is an affordable solution to having a paperless office.

  • Reduce storage facility costs
  • Secure documents from theft and damage
  • Organize for enhanced efficiency
Document Management Software

Document Management Software

Improve the speed and accuracy of your business with document management and office automation software.

  • Eliminate paper documents and files
  • Access the information you need instantly
  • Improve document security
  • Improve organization and functionality of your records management
Business Processing Services

Business Processing Services

Enhance the flow of information to improve communication, efficiency, and productivity.

  • Gather data quickly
  • Save money on paper copies and storage
  • Quickly access important files
  • Automate business processes to save time and reduce error

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Recommended by Clients

  • Best post-sales support I have ever experienced.

    Charlene Ley Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital

  • Having MESHDS scan our documents not only saves us space, but makes it easier for us to find old papers when they need to be referenced.

    Emily Chung AutoNiche

  • We are now able to retrieve the documents from past projects that facilitate us in creating documents that relate to new projects, thus saving us valuable research time. The solution has saved us an incredible amount of money.

    Andrea Danckzay-Blum Airport Development Corporation

  • Working with MESHDS was a good experience with low stress involved. With so many options to meet our needs they put my mind at ease right away.

    Liam Artt Halton Children's Aid Society

  • MESHDS built a software solution around our organization - they adapted to us rather than expecting us to adjust to them.

    Nicolas Bye Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1572

  • Searching and working with documents is much easier so the overall process has been sped up for our staff.

    Sasha P. Apollo Health and Beauty

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